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More often than not customers only find out about the need for chassis repairs when we have their vehicle up on the ramp or we're underneath it in the inspection pit.  Sills are a bit different as you can normally see when rust is damaging that part of the body.   Our experienced welders can take care of repairs to an exact and high standard so you don't have to collect and take your vehicle elsewhere. Especially convenient if your car, van or pickup faces an MOT failure without a welding repair.

Exhaust Welding

Nothing corrodes on a car like the exhaust!  Some holes, splits and corrosion points can be cost effectively welded to provide a solid, long lasting repair to your exhaust.  Welding is fast, dependable and economical in relation to replacement.  If your exhaust is puffing and blowing due to holes and cracks get it booked in to your local welder; Matt's Motors in Mildenhall.

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Dependable Quality