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With problems ranging from being unable to place the key in the barrel, being unable to turn it, to nothing happening when you do, ignition switch faults are more common than you'd expect.


How much is an ignition switch replacement near me? 

If you are  in the Mildenhall / Lakenheath area we can help you with ignition switch problems. Repair price will vary depending on the issue, and make and model of your car.   Over the years, we have encountered most problems that can occur; if any of the below seem familiar then get in touch with us and we'll diagnose the nature of your ignition problem.​


Key Is Hard to Use

Like any other mechanical part, the cylinder can succumb to wear and tear which can be accelerated by having a heavy bunch of keys hanging from the car key, or using a new key in an old lock or vice-versa. The latter is why it is always a good idea to replace keys and cylinder at the same time. If you find your key feels loose, is hard to locate correctly in the switch, requires 'jiggling' or is hard to turn, bring your car in so we can take a look to see if there's a simple fix, or if you need to replace the cylinder and/or keys.


Vehicle Accessories Don't Work

As your key turns towards ignition, accessories like internal lights, radio, etc. receive power first.  If accessories do not work when you turn the key you may need to bring your vehicle down to our mechanics to check the cylinder, as the electrical contacts may have worn or cables deteriorated.​


Car Doesn't Start

Assuming there isn't an issue with the battery or vehicle electrics, then your car failing to start could be caused by your ignition switch being faulty, an issue with the key/transponder; or a problem with a security feature like an immobiliser.

Car Starts But Stalls

If the ignition switch fails while the engine is running, a dip in the current could cause your engine to misfire or stall.  If your engine is stalling after starting, or has difficulty re-starting after stalling then your ignition switch could be the cause.

​Confused Keyless Car
If you have a modern car with a keyless ignition system, then your key and/or the receiver could be at fault.  Systems can get 'confused' especially by damaged keys that have been submerged in water, exposed to strong magnetic fields and hard impacts. If the key isn't sending the correct code to the receiver then the engine simply won't start.

​A battery in the transponder could also be at fault, which is an issue you can remedy yourself, for most everything else get in touch with Matt's Motors.

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