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Coming to the UK may be a daunting prospect with so many things being the same... yet different.


If, for example, you are bringing an American vehicle to the UK it will probably need changes making to lights, possibly emissions, and will definitely need an MOT.  All new to you?  Good news is we are able to take care of all aspects of preparing an imported vehicle for the UK's roads.

It's Expensive in the UK!
Yep, no doubt, but we have more good news for you.  You can go VAT free (our Sales Tax), which potentially saves you 20%. 


Light Conversion

If you have shipped your vehicle in from overseas, it will need to have a Light Conversion to conform with UK specification, followed by an MOT. This applies to most vehicles, regardless of age. We can carry out this work on most makes and models, so call us or bring your vehicle by for a free estimate. 

Ministry of Transport Testing
Commonly referred to as an MOT.  This is something an imported vehicle will need to have.  When you come down to us to get your lights taken care of you should also book in for an MOT to get everything taken care of in one hit. You can find more details about MOTs here.

VAT Exemption programme

We welcome personnel from the United States Air Force and are pleased to participate in the VAT exemption scheme.

Once work has been completed on your vehicle, we will issue you with an invoice for the cost of the parts and labour used to carry out the work; no VAT will be added. You will need to take the invoice to the VAT Office on the base of your choice for them to process the transaction, and they will issue you with a cheque payable to Matt’s Motors. You are able to take your vehicle away at the same time if you wish, and payment (the cheque) will need to be returned to us within 5 working days. Late payment may void this offer and be subject to the addition of VAT at the current rate, at the manager’s discretion. 

To qualify for this programme, the minimum amount of your final bill needs to be £100.00. You will need to present your valid ration card and military ID to the VAT office, along with a small fee for using this service; please check with the VAT office for their current prices.

Please note: any abuse of this programme could result in our withdrawal from the VAT programme at any time without prior notice.


VAT Free!

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Welcome to the UK