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Most modern cars are fitted with Electronic Control Units (ECUs), whose job it is to monitor aspects of the vehicle and help diagonose faults.  When a sensor reports a fault it is sent to and stored in an ECU, often engaging a relevant warning light on your dashboard, sometimes displaying an error code.

To understand what a sensor has detected and how that fault affects the many different and interwoven aspects of your vehicle's systems, a piece of equipment called an ODB scanner is needed.

At Matt's Motors our state-of-the-art diagnostics equipment is continually updated to understand the codes provided by all major makes and models of vehicle, and our mechanics are fully trained to work with ODB2 diagnostic fault codes.  There are hundreds of codes that may be reported, and with our equipment and mechanics' skill we are able to determine issues and decide if further diagnostics are required.

What Should I do?
​If a dashboard light has come on, there's an error code read out or your car has gone in to limp mode then get in contact with Matt's Motors.  We can offer a full diagnostics check and identify problems before the risk of vehicle damage and unnecessary costs  occur.

Arrange a time with us on 01638 715 725.

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