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Car Brake Repairs & Maintenance

Car brake care and repair are aspects of vehicle maintenance that nobody takes lightly.

If you have concerns about your brakes you can book your car in at Matt's for an inspection.  After our mechanic has taken a look we'll be able to offer advice on any possible issues. We can also offer an estimate, and if you wish, book your vehicle in for repair.  If you feel your brakes need attention, get in contact with us promptly on 01638 715 725.

Brake Wear

The type of vehicle you have, your driving style and the typical driving you do all affect the life of your brakes.


Fast driving, heavy cornering and hard braking have a dramatic impact on brake efficiency and life.  Those who spend their time ‘stop-start’ driving in towns and cities go through brakes in half of the time motorway drivers do.

A final point of interest.  You may have noticed that front brakes are replaced more frequently than the back?  This is especially true of front wheel drive vehicles, but is the case for all as it is the front brakes that handle more of the braking load.  Replacing one brake disc or pad could cause an imbalanced braking performance that could lead to further premature wear which is why we always replace brakes in pairs on each axle.

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Get in Touch…


Your car will give you some kind of clue any time something is not right.  Things to listen out for or feel as you drive:


Could be something simple like a stone stuck in the mechanism or the brake calliper has stuck and left the brakes partially applied.  Some brake pads have an audible wear indicator that will squeal to warn the pads need changing. Some cars have an electronic indicator that will light on the dash.


Definitely time to get down to Matt's Motors as it is likely your brake pads have worn down to the metal.  Result is not just grinding but poor brake performance and possible damage to the calliper and brake disc.


If your car pulls you to the left or right when you apply the brakes then it's possible something in the brake mechanism is sticking.  There are numerous other causes so an inspection will determine your situation.  It’s potentially dangerous if the vehicle pulls hard.


If you are pulling the brakes on quite firmly then a pulsating sensation may be caused by your ABS and is nothing to worry about.  However, if you feel pulsing continually when you use the brakes then it is likely you have a warped brake disk.  This uneven surface makes more/less contact with the brake pads which causes the pulsing feeling.

Dashboard Warning Light

If your brake warning light is coming on when you brake, or is on all the time, you may have a leak in the system and/or low brake fluid. Requires prompt attention.


Unresponsive, squidgy, spongy brakes are often an issue with the brake fluid, typically caused by age or air in the system.  Requires prompt attention.


Soft Brakes

If the brake pedal travels a long way, or easily, or offers little resistance when you depress the pedal you may be looking at replacing your brake fluid or master cylinder.  This is especially true if the pedal goes all the way to the floor with little effect on your stopping.  Obviously, this needs urgent attention.

Old Brake Fluid

Most manufacturers recommend replacing brake fluid every 2 years as it has a tendency to absorb moisture, which in turn drastically reduces its performance.  Check through your vehicle's handbook for details on replacement period, or if you're experiencing some of the symptoms above, then get booked in for a check.

What About the Handbrake?

If your handbrake takes more pulling up to get it to work, or you find it isn't as effective as you would like, then get in touch.  Likely this is a simple matter of a cable adjustment.

Best Practice/Useful Info'

For anyone driving more than 8,000 miles a year, brake systems should be checked twice annually. Typically pads should be replaced when they get down to 3mm, but manufacturer recommendation should be followed here. 


We always recommend replacing components like pads and discs in axle sets. Doing so avoids the efficiency and performance problems of replacing parts one wheel at a time, as well as ensuring there is no premature wear of a new brake part due to it working harder.  When you have new brakes fitted drive with extra care and attention and avoid heavy braking where possible for the first 200 miles.  This will ensure the long term efficient operation and proper performance of your brakes.


You can call, use our online chat or send us an email with your details and we'll get back to you with availability for brake and any other services you need...
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