There are a number of clues there's something wrong with your suspension or steering, other than an obvious MOT failure.  If you're finding your car is aquaplaning a lot, the front of the car dipping when you brake, you have poor grip, steering around corners feels heavy or you are drifting out of position, passengers get easily car sick, you can see greasy/oily build up on your shock absorbers/struts, your braking distance has increased, your car doesn't ride like normal, it sways in winds or from passing lorries and/or handling is generally poor, then it's time to visit Matt and the team.

We can check/test all aspects of your vehicle's suspension and steering from the ground up. From tyres through to the steering wheel, looking at all the components in between.  Some of the vehicle’s steering and suspension problems that can cause the symptoms above include:

  • Shock absorbers

  • Springs

  • Mounts

  • Hydraulics/Hoses/Fluids

  • Tyres/Wheels/Bearing/Bushes

  • Axles

Whether your vehicle is causing you problems from damage or wear and tear we can find the issues, offer advice and provide an estimate to fix it.  You'll improve your handling, braking, comfort and safety, and with a thorough check, may catch a problem before it becomes more costly.

Steering & Suspension

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