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Air Conditioning

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Maintaining your air conditioning allows you to really benefit from cooler conditions in the summer, and in the winter your windows will demist quicker with the dry air that the A/C produces.

Does my air con need recharging?

If your A/C is not working well it is probably time to get it recharged.  Most manufacturers instruct owners to recharge the air con' on a 2 year cycle.  As the air conditioning gases are not checked in an MOT nor during most services it's a good idea to include it as part of your maintenance routine.

We know. You haven't done it for years.  Happens all the time, but it is well worth doing and doesn't cost the earth!    Benefit from increased fuel economy, more comfortable driving conditions and drier air.  If you book a clean at the same time we can also get rid of any unpleasant smells coming from your vents.

How Much Does Air-Con Regassing Cost?

A recharge with R134A gas costs £60 + VAT

Bad Smells from Your Air-Con and Air Vents?

Humidity can cause moisture build-up in your vents, which over time can attract bacteria and mould and fungus spores.  The result of this? Bad odours and unhealthy air that not only smells bad, but can cause illness, especially for those who suffer allergies to spores.


Book a An Air Con Clean

We'll completely decontaminate your air conditioning and ventilation system with a professional product that disinfects and de-odourises, leaving you with a cleaner, pleasant smelling and healthier ventilation system that will improve your driving experience. 

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