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Anyone who's owned a car for any period of time gets to know the sounds their vehicle makes.  The tell-tale that something is not right with the exhaust is typically a sound or smell.  Unfamiliar noises like knocking or banging from the underside of the car, chugging, puffing or blowing sounds or exhaust smells being stronger than normal can indicate issues.  Worn or broken exhaust hangers or mounts, corrosion, cracks, damage and wear will all affect your exhaust system and will normally give you a clue that something is wrong.

You can also visually inspect your exhaust.  Signs of damage can be obvious, from missing/broken supports or bands to holes, splits and cracks. Corrosion around welded areas is also something to look for.  Things like gaskets are harder to spot, but whatever the issue, we can find and fix it for you.

Catalytic Converters (Cat)

Car starts then sputters or stalls? Poor fuel consumption? Engine light come on?  These are possible signs that your catalytic converter may be on its way out.  Look over our checks below, or get in touch for a quick chat.


If you hear a rattling from the underside of your car, most noticeably when it starts, this may be an indicator of a broken substrate filter in your cat' - probably needs a replacement.  A hole in the metal work may be patchable.  Sometimes cat' issues can be remedied short term with a cleaning solution that helps improve the operation of the cat', which we can administer for you.


Book a time, roll on down to Matt's Motors and we'll take a look underneath and let you know what's going on, and advise on the best course of action.

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