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Refreshingly, the fuel system in your car really doesn't need that much attention over the years.  Use good quality fuel, stop debris and moisture entering the fuel system, and follow the manufacturer's maintenance schedule.  There are some things that go awry, here are three of the most common.

Failing Fuel Pump
The fuel pump is generally located inside the petrol tank where it serves one purpose; pumping petrol from the tank to the engine.   A failing pump can cause a range of problems, the biggest being the engine turning over but not starting. Usually pumps degrade, so before this stage you'll notice poor performance and juddering when accelerating.    A more common cause of fuel system problems is a blocked fuel filter.

Dirty Fuel Filter
The fuel system is fitted with a filter that removes dirt and contaminants from the fuel so the engine and fuel injectors remain clean.  Once they become clogged a vehicle may suddenly lose power and/or become 'jerky' when accelerating.  The frequency that filters need changing is variable, but is recommended as a matter of course by some manufacturers at about 100,000 miles.  Older vehicles are pretty straightforward to replace filters, but some modern makes have them located with the pump in the fuel tank which can make it a bigger job.

Faulty Fuel Injectors

Faulty or blocked injectors are likely to cause poor idling and performance, though they can cause a number of issues including poor idling, poor performance, engine knocking and failure to start.  Injectors are cleaned or replaced as needed rather being part of a maintenance cycle.

Your fuel system won't need much in the way of care from you, and with luck will only need attention as part of a manufacturers schedule of maintenance.  If you are having issues with power, idling and starting your fuel system may be at fault - this is something to get checked promptly as a failing pump or blocked injectors could leave you without power at the wrong time, or stuck unable to start.

We can quickly diagnose this and suggest remedy and quote to get you back starting and running smoothly. Get in touch with Matt's Motors and we'll get you taken care of.


Fuel System

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