Wheel Services

Potholes and curbs are not friends to tyres and wheels.  Nip in to Matt's if you have hit a curb or pot hole hard, or if you have issues with your wheels, wheel rims and bearings.


Typical problems include balancing, rim damage and wear, and we can inspect your wheels if you think they may be the cause of:

  • Vibration in the steering wheel

  • Uneven tyre tread wear

  • Increased road noise: rubbing, droning, "whubbing" sounds

  • Noises coming from the wheels when in full-lock

  • Lower fuel economy

  • Poor handling

Get in touch, or if you're passing, see if we have a mechanic free to take a look (please be aware that we are busy, a call is always best, but we will help if we can).

Tyre Services

Through a third-party, we can offer replacement tyres from the recommended manufacturers, and while we can source cheap tyres, we wouldn't recommend their use, especially if you spend a lot of time on the road, drive at speed or take particularly bendy routes involving frequent braking.



Tyre Services

It seems crazy that something so essential to the steering, braking, accelerating, comfort and safety of your vehicle is often undertaken at the lowest price, or neglected or left to the last possible moment, eg. MOT failure, puncture or blow out.

The only point of contact between tonnes of metal travelling at 70 miles an hour among others on busy roads and motorways, is your tyres.  For passenger safety alone tyres should be checked regularly, maintained at the right pressure and ideally replaced in pairs of the best quality you can afford.


One of my tyres still has life in it

Replacing just the tyre that needs it most can affect steering, grip, braking and, under heavy braking, your road positioning.  Replacing tyres in pairs prevents one tyre having a better grip on the road than the other on the same axle; avoiding the detailed issues of replacing a single tyre.

It may sound like a sales pitch but anyone who has spent time on the road knows the importance of having a vehicle that behaves as anticipated when steering and braking, and tyres are a major component in that system.

Replacing tyres one at a time means you have to double the number of trips to us while increasing risks while on the road.  A few quid saved may not be much of a saving in the long run when you consider the risks and having to keep coming back to replace one tyre at a time..

When you buy tyres from us,  we arrange for our third-party to fit them, balance your wheels and properly dispose of your old tyres all in one price. 

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