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Whatever your vehicle issue, get in touch with Matt's Motors in Mildenhall to see how our garage mechanics can help.  Find out more about our popular car, van, MPV and truck maintenance and repair services.

Air Con  |  Alternator  |  Battery  |  Brakes  |  Clutch  |  Cooling System  |  Diagnostics  |    Engine  |  Exhaust  |  Fuel System  |   Ignition  |  Shaft, Final Drive and Axles  |  Steering  |  Suspension  |  Transmission  |  Welding

These are currently our most popular services on cars, vans and pickups in the Mildenhall and Lakenheath area.  Whatever needs looking at give Matt's Motors a ring...

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We'll diagnose noises and faults, repair/replace and get your brakes in A1 condition.


Call for Matt's great prices

Proper maintenance will do so much for your car and peace of mind.  Book in for an annual or interim service at Matt's.

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Whatever your vehicle issue, get in touch with Matt's Motors  to talk about what your car needs.

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From replacing a flat battery to diagnostics, alternators and other general electrical issues.

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From £30. Our diagnostics save time & money

on repair costs

Fault finding, repairs, part replacement and general engine maintenance - we'll get your car working its best.

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Pulling, wobbling, poor handling, whatever your steering or suspension issue Matt's Motors can fix it.

At Matt's Motors we offer a wide variety of motor services to get your vehicle running smoothly. Our expert mechanics aim to get you back on the road just as soon as possible.  Take a look at the vehicle services we offer, and if it's not on the list get in touch to see what we can do for you.

Engine Repairs & Replacement

We carry out repairs to petrol and diesel engines.  If your head gasket is blown, cylinder head needs repairs or you have ticking and knocking noises from your engine then get in touch.

Oil & Filter Replacements

You don't have to wait until the next service to have your oil and filter replaced to maintain the engine and performance. Call Matt's Motors to book an appointment any time.

Engine Component Repairs

We can repair or replace all internal parts of your engine, and can arrange to subcontract out any other repairs, such as pistons, cylinder liners and conrods, 

Cam Belt Repairs & Replacement

Not keeping on top of maintaining your Cambelt or Timing Belt can has serious consequences for your engine.  Maintain your manufacturer’s replacement schedule with us.

Battery Replacement

No matter how good a battery is, it won't last forever.  Having trouble with cold starts?  Get the battery checked so you don't get stuck in a car park miles from home!

Fuel System Repairs

Keeping your fuel tank, pump, filters and injectors clean and operational keeps your car on the road.  Get in touch, we'll sort it out.

Full Diagnostics

From mystery dash lights, issues with multiple candidate causes, limp mode or a full check-up, our diagnostics can identify your problems and we can offer an estimate and dependable fix.

Gearbox Repairs & Replacement

We've decades of experience fixing grinding gears and worn linkages. We can check, repair or replace most manual gearboxes.

Clutch Repairs & Replacement

There are a host of negative effects to your clutch going. Find out more about it here or simply get in touch.


Starter Motor Repairs

Failed or failing starter motors can be replaced at Matt's Motors in no time.  Start first time, every time.


Exhaust Repairs & Replacement

Broken brackets, holes, corrosion, gaskets, new box, new cat'... Matt and the crew can fix or replace your exhaust.

Tyre Repair & Replacement

Wear, tear, puncture and repair, we can arrange to have your tyres repaired or replaced so you have a safe and comfortable ride.

Suspension Repairs & Replacement

Rough ride, poor handling, unusual behaviour when braking?  There's a list of effects that defective suspension can have on your car. 

Brakes Repairs & Replacement

We've a list of typical symptoms that will help you identify what kind of brake problem you might have, or you can bring in your vehicle for diagnostics and repairs.


Differential Repairs & Replacement

If your rear drive vehicle is having problems with the differential then get in touch.


Cooling / Radiator Repairs

High temperature gauge, leaks under your car, high pitch noises coming from the radiator, fan kicking in... it's time for a swift call to Matt's!


Light Repairs

From a broken lamp, blown fuse, misalignment to broken wiring, we can take care of it. 


Light Conversions

If you have shipped your vehicle in from overseas, it will need to have a Light Conversion to conform with UK specification, followed by an MOT. This applies to most vehicles, regardless of age. We can carry out this work on most makes and models, so call us or bring your vehicle by for a free estimate.


Vehicle Welding Repairs

Matt's Motors offers professional welding of floor pans, sills, exhausts and vehicle chassis - plus anything else you need welding. Get in touch.

Looking for a garage mechanic near you? Matt's Motors has been serving the needs of Mildenhall area car owners for more than twenty years, and we're right on your doorstep!

Find out where we are and get in touch about your car; we'll be happy to see you, offer an estimate and book you in. You'll be glad you came.